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You have your story set. You’ve tested your product. You have early users. IYEDO helps you to raise your next round of funding!


Sales and marketing are the engines of any enterprises. How will others identify with your story? No worries, IYEDO will help you to do so.

Customer development

You have the idea and realize it’s a good one. How do you go about checking if your customers will love it? How many customers will buy it? Use it?

Beta Testing

You’ve built your initial product – now get it in the hands of users! We have a network of ready users in all the segments of the markets to validate the product!


Get through the tough few documents to protect you and your co-founders. A lot of “advisors” claim that there is no value for IP, hogwash!! Investors will use your IP to value and validate your business!


An idea stays that way until it starts generating revenue. We’ll help you identify different streams! And most important of all, you will learn how to price your idea/service. No revenue stream, no business model, it’s that simple!

Product Development

You’ve done your customer development, refined your idea and come up with a revenue model. Now comes the fun part – actually building the product! We are experts in prototyping and providing a beta version of almost everything! At a fraction of the cost of other so called experts! We will even help you roll out for full production build out.