An entrepreneur has multiple roles to play in the business. He or she has to plan, manage and execute everything and anything related to his / her business venture. Hence an entrepreneur is expected to be master of all trades. However, it is not possible for any entrepreneur to know everything as everyone has a unique speciality and quality that propel them as entrepreneurs.


It is not possible for the entrepreneur to be master of all trades and know about all the areas of business. He / she requires support of able professional specialist at all times in all areas of business. Managing a business single handedly is like a vicious circle and is not possible for the founders to handle the peripherals of the business activity instead of the core business. This is where most entrepreneurs falter.


At IYEDO, we understand the challenges of early stage businesses. We are the go to partner for an entrepreneur where they get all the services related to business management under one roof. We are the entrepreneur’s partner in managing all the peripheral activities related to their respective business so that they can focus solely on their core business. Besides this, entrepreneurs can also access our business network and investor network and create the desired business value.

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